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A General Guide to the Music Library

This guide will assist patrons in using the Cook Music Library in Fall 2020

Music Library Spaces

Each of the three publicly available floors in the Music Library has places for you to study, read, or just hang out. The second floor is the "quiet floor." 

We invite you to explore the library to find your preferred spots. Anyone at the circulation check-out desk would be happy to show you around the library to help connect you with a space that resonates!


The music library has two group study rooms on the third floor. Each room can accommodate up to 6 people. Both rooms have a conference table, whiteboard, large monitor, RCA/composite/HDMI connectivity.

If you're interested in reserving one of our study rooms, visit the circulation desk in-person or book online

Picture of a third flood study room in the music library


My class meets inside the library? Is that right?

You're probably meeting on the second floor, then! Rooms 271, 267, and 263 are on the second floor of the music library.

Can I reserve a classroom in the Music Library?

  • Possibly. Ask the Jacobs School of Music Scheduling office. musched @; 812-856-8200
  • If a classroom is open and empty, you’re welcome to use it. If someone who has reserved the room shows up, however, you’ll have to let them use it. There’s a schedule posted outside each classroom to document reservations, so check this first.

Graduate carrels are located on the first and second floors of the library. Graduate music students can apply for study carrels in the Cook Music Library online; visit the Graduate Carrels page to see the guidelines and fill out an application. If a book you're interested in is checked out to a carrel, you're welcome to look at the book, but it must remain at the patron's carrel.

music library mascot J. Sheepastian Bach (a small fluffy lamb doll) posed as if studying at a carrel A group of carrels on the second floor of the music library

The first floor has a group of PCs. The third floor has a group of Mac computers as well as carrels of PCs and Macs, some of which are paired with MIDI keyboards. Additionally, the third floor has a dedicated computer lab, Room 373. It is usually reserved for classes before 4 pm, but when classes are not in session you can use the lab.  

Photograph slideshow of the computer labs within the music library