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A General Guide to the Music Library

This guide will assist patrons in using the Cook Music Library in Fall 2020

Faculty and Instructor FAQs

I can't get the computers in my classroom to work! Who can help me immediately?
Contact Music Information Technology Services. Call 812 855 7832 or email musicits @ 
If neither of these options work, try calling the music library circulation staff, who might be able to find MITS support staff within the library. 812 855 8541.

How do I put an item on reserve? Can I put my own personal items on reserve?
Send all reserves requests to muslib_reserves @
If you prefer to speak with someone directly, reserves coordinator Richard Marshall (ricmarsh @ will be happy to discuss your reserves-related needs. 

How can I schedule a librarian to visit and/or teach a session for my class?
We heartily welcome requests to collaborate with professors to tailor information literacy sessions to their needs. Contact Misti Shaw, Head of Public Services and Outreach. mistshaw @

Can I schedule a music library tour for my class?
Yes, we are delighted to tailor a tour to the needs of your class. Contact Misti Shaw, Head of Public Services and Outreach. mistshaw @ 

Can I bring items from the vault to my classroom?
We can usually arrange for this, depending on where your class is located and the conditions (fragility) of the items you need. Depending on the size of your class, we might be able to find a space in the music library for your class to visit and view the items (many professors bring their seminar classes to the library to view vault items). Contact Stacks Coordinator Richard Marshall ricmarsh @, or visit the front circulation desk and ask for a supervisor.

What are the circulation periods for faculty members?
Books, scores, recordings, and non-journal microforms circulate for a full semester; these items can be infinitely renewed.
If you want to keep an item for longer than a semester, let circulation staff know, and we will gladly adjust your due date.
M2s and M3s scores circulate for 6 hours.
Reference items and periodicals do not circulate; ask staff if you require removing these items from the library. 
Reserves items circulate for 2 hours.
Items from the Performing Ensembles Division (PED) circulate for 7 days

Can I take reference books and journals out of the library for research purposes? 
Possibly, depending on the items and duration of use. Please visit circulation and ask for a supervisor, or email Misti Shaw at mistshaw @ 

I would like to rent music for a faculty/student recital. Whom do I talk to?
Talk to the staff within the Performing Ensembles Division (PED). The PED office is located behind the circulation desk; circulation staff can help you find it. You can also send an email to ped @ During certain parts of the semester when ensemble parts go out en masse, it might take a few days to receive a response from the PED.

What type of technology is available in the music library seminar rooms?

Seminar rooms 261, 263, and 267 each contain a projector screen, built-in PC, speakers, a document camera (transparency projector), laptop connection capability, and VCR/DVD player.

What type of equipment does the library lend out? 
Audio and video recorders, microphone stands, adapters, and more. Read about and book reservations for Music Library Equipment.

I would like to schedule an event/class in a library seminar room. How do I do that?
Send an email to musched @ To reserve room 285, contact Music Library Director Phil Ponella at pponella @ 

What time should I come to the library if I would like to speak to a reference librarian?
We try to staff the music reference desk from 10:00 am until noon, then 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday during fall and spring semesters. Head of Public Services and Outreach librarian, Misti Shaw, can be reached at mistshaw @ if you would prefer to schedule an appointment. For urgent reference needs, a circulation supervisor may be able to assist. Visit in person, or email mlcirc @, or call 812 855 8541.

I am interested in the LAMC (Latin American Music Center). How do I view items in that collection?
Individuals interested in browsing or researching the LAMC collection should be aware that there is no separate facility exclusively hosting the LAMC collection. With limited exceptions, the holdings of the LAMC collection are part of the William and Gayle Cook Music Library collection, and a significant selection of its holdings may be searched through the Indiana University Online Catalog (IUCAT). Even though there is no Center to visit, librarian Emma Dederick enjoys meeting visitors to discuss the collection. She can be reached at edederic @ For more information, see the LAMC website.  

I would like to access a recording on reel-to-reel tape/videotape/DAT/LP for my class. How do I do this?
Most recordings can be digitized for you so that you can stream recordings in class. Staff prefers 2-3 weeks to process requests to digitize LPs, reel tapes, and DAT tapes. Please make these requests by filling out the Music Library Recording Request Form. At this time, we are unable to digitze and stream videotapes, unless they are IU performances. Please email Misti Shaw with any questions at mistshaw @ 

Can I reserve a study carrel in the music library?
JSoM faculty who do not have offices can request a music library study carrel. For more information about carrels, visit Music Library Carrels and Guidelines.

How do I get proxy/faculty check-out privileges for my graduate Associate Instructor?
Send an email request to our Bills and Fines coordinator at musiclib_bills @ In your email request, state that you would like checkout privileges for your AI, and include their first and last name. Our coordinator will create the account and will send an email directly to your AI when their checkout proxy card is ready to be picked up from the library.

Can I have library materials delivered by mail to my office?
Yes. Read Office Delivery for Faculty and Graduate Students. Please note that it can take up to four days to receive your items via campus mail. If you need an item from the music library urgently but mobility or other issues pose a barrier to visiting the music library in person, please contact mlcirc @