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Scholarly Visibility & Impact

How to make a case and create a narrative around the scholarly contributions that are most valuable to you in academic evaluation.

Make Your Work Open

We encourage you to share your work widely.  IUScholarWorks and IUScholarWorks Open, IU's open access institutional repositories, are venues where you can share new or previously published articles, course materials, newsletters, posters, presentations, technical reports and audio-visual material. We are committed to long-term preservation, and work deposited in UScholarWorks and IUScholarWorks Open is indexed by Google Scholar.

Citation Advantage


"... an open access citation advantage as high as 19% exists, even when articles are embargoed during some or all of their prime citation years."

 Ottaviani J (2016) The Post-Embargo Open Access Citation Advantage: It Exists (Probably), It’s Modest (Usually), and the Rich Get Richer (of Course). PLOS ONE 11(8): e0159614.


Open scholarship by its very nature makes your work more accessible and visible.  However in thinking about this benefit for you, we want you to keep in mind the equally important goal of open scholarship - de-centering information privilege and building a more accessible and inclusive scholarly communication system.

Impact the Wider Community

Your affiliation with IU “affords increased access to research material, including journal articles, data, and primary sources. This access to research material, often combined with access to additional research support, faculty, and a peer network, affords [you] opportunities that others may not have, including the opportunity to build upon existing research and enter the scholarly conversation. This affordance or opportunity to access information that others cannot is called information privilege.

HARE, Sarah; EVANSON, Cara. Information Privilege Outreach for Undergraduate Students. College & Research Libraries, v. 79, n. 6, p. 726, sep. 2018.  doi:

You can have an impact both in your scholarly community of practice, and in the wider society by making your work accessible in IUScholarWorks and IUScholarWorks Open.