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Open Access Publishing Support

A guide to OA publishing options

Discount Publishing with Wiley

Participating BTAA libraries have reached an agreement with Wiley for a one-year contract extension with an Open Access option, as a pilot in collective action toward the Big Collection. This is a limited-term agreement (February 1 - December 31, 2022) that extends our existing Wiley contract while we work toward a future agreement.

Each Indiana University campus has a capped number of article credits which allows affiliated corresponding authors to publish OA in Wiley hybrid journals  at no cost to themselves. Each campus' article credits equals 65% of the number of articles published by its authors in Wiley hybrid journals in 2020. Agreed upon 2020 hybrid, OA article counts for each institution were determined by analyzing Web of Science data by both Wiley and a subgroup of BTAA librarians. Each campus has its own eligibility requirements. Find out more about IU Bloomington's program by contacting

If credits are exhausted, all Indiana University corresponding authors with articles accepted in Wiley hybrid journals  beginning February 1, 2022, will receive a 10% discount on open access (OA) article publishing charges (APCs). 

Eligible articles must be accepted in a Wiley hybrid journal between February 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022. Choosing to make an article OA is part of the Wiley publishing workflow. Once an article has been accepted in a Wiley hybrid journal, the corresponding author may opt to make it OA. If they are affiliated with a participating BTAA member institution, it will be submitted to their library for eligibility approval. 

There is no retroactive open access option for this agreement. Once an article is published in Early View or In Issue online, it is no longer eligible. 

The Wiley OA pilot is a move toward collective action and the Big Collection. BTAA began experimenting with new types of agreements that include an open access publishing component with the Cambridge University Press and PLOS CAP agreements in 2021. This pilot is a test with one of the largest scholarly publishers which benefits the broader scholarly community and the public. In the short term, other institutions, independent scholars, and the public benefit from a greater percentage of BTAA institutions’ Wiley articles being published OA. In the long term, BTAA helps build a more sustainable scholarly knowledge infrastructure and sets an example for other institutions to follow.