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Scholarly Visibility & Impact

How to make a case and create a narrative around the scholarly contributions that are most valuable to you in academic evaluation.

Making Your Case

In describing the work you have done and the impact it has had, do not rely solely on metrics or altmetrics.  You should write a fleshed out narrative about each item that you wish to showcase, describing the value of the work.  Remember to:

  1. Not sure what you should highlight? Use the What Counts worksheet.
  2. Use metrics in context - review the Impact Workshop for guidance.
  3. If your work is not indexed in Scopus or Web of Science consider searching Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory to see if the journal is indexed.  Ulrich's is a highly reputable index of scholarly journals.  For open access journals you can use the Directory of Open Access Journals, another highly regarded service. You can also point to the credentials of the journal editors, or of other academics who publish in that venue.
  4. Review a sample evidence statement for ideas on writing your narratives

You can always schedule a consultation with us for more specific help on communicating the value and impact of your work.