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BUS W313 New Venture Planning

Instructor: Mathias

Getting Started:

This guide will assist in conducting research around different aspects (i.e., industry, competitors, concept, consumers, and operations) of a business plan. The resources listed in the "Getting Started" box provide examples of business plans, a high-level overview of the planning process, and advice on how-to develop each aspect of your plan. If you have questions about the resources or strategies in this guide or need further assistance, contact the Business/SPEA Information Commonsschedule a research consultation, or use the "Get Help" widget in this guide. 

Industry or Market:

Identifying the NAICS or SIC industry classification code can assist in accessing industry and company information.   


Business Concept, Products or Services:


Business Operations (Design, Finances, Marketing, and Management):





When producing written and oral outcomes, cite the following:

  • "Facts, figures, ideas, or other information that is not common knowledge.
  • Ideas, words, theories, or exact language that another person used in other publications.
  • Publications that must be cited include:  books, book chapters, articles, web pages, theses, etc." (MIT, n.d., para. 3)  

The Business/SPEA Citation Guide provides examples of how to cite information from business databases in both APA and MLA citation style.