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BUS M546: Marketing Strategy Practicum

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Business/SPEA Library

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Market Research

Business Articles and News

These sources capture a wide variety of publication types (academic research, popular press, trade publications) on a range of topics, including marketing and consumer research.


Language matters when searching these sources! Looking for information on what causes consumers to purchase a particular product? Try including "purchase intention" (with the quotes) in your search. Wondering how much more a green product is worth?  Try the phrase "willingness to purchase" (with the quotes), along with a variety of synonyms like (green or sustainable or environmentally-friendly), like this:

"willingness to purchase" AND (green or sustainable or environmentally-friendly)

Here is a table with more useful search language. It's not exhaustive, but should give you some good places to start. For more tips, see the Effective Searching tab in this guide.

For this concept Start with search strings like
Gen Z ("Gen Z" OR GenZ OR "generation z")
socially responsible companies ("mission driven retail" OR sustainab* or eco* or "fair trade")
Consumer psychology ("consumer attitudes" or "consumer behavior")
Purchase drivers ("purchase intention" or "path to purchase" or "willingness to pay" or "shopping journey")
Mobile/online shopping (mobile or online or ecommerce) and (shop* or purchas*)
Marketing (marketing or advertising)
"grass roots" Marketing ("word of mouth" OR EWOM OR influencer)

More examples:

("Gen Z" OR GenZ OR "generation z") AND (marketing OR advertising)

("purchase intention" OR "path to purchase" OR "willingness to pay" OR "shopping journey") AND ("word of mouth" OR EWOM OR influencer)

** (You don't have to captialize AND and OR; it just helps make the search strings more readable)


Industry/Market Resources

For industry and market reports and analyses, use these resources: