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Wellness Days @ IUB

Hello and welcome! This guide is designed to provide IU library and campus resources related to well being, in an effort to promote general social, mental, and physical health.


This guide is meant to help you explore resources at the IU Libraries and the campus community in support of this Spring semester's Wellness Days @ IUB. Wellness Days are "an opportunity for you to step away from class, take a breath, and prioritize your individual well-being however you choose to do so." There are three areas of wellness to explore throughout this guide: Social, Mental, and Physical.

This guide was compiled by Learning Commons Research Assistant Brett Hoffman.

[For information on streaming film and video from IUB on your day off, be sure to check out the Media Services Streaming Guide]

Ask Us Anything!

At IU Libraries, you can ask us anything! There are many different ways for you to get help with your research. These include: