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GEOG-G 357: Urban Agriculture

Map and Spatial Data Librarian

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Theresa Quill
Herman B Wells Library E241C
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Subjects: Geography

Library Research

IU Libraries has a wealth of information to help support your research! Explore the tabs to the left, and feel free to use the "Ask a Librarian" chat function if you get stuck or need help finding a specific resource. Read on to learn about peer review and tips to manage your research and citations!

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Citation Managers

Citation managers format references in the style you choose (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago). Many of these have plug-ins for web browsers and word processors, and can make your life MUCH easier! I recommend Zotero, but all of these are good options for organizing your research and automatically creating in-text citations and reference lists. 

IU students have free access to several citation managers (i.e., "bibliographic software").

NOTE: Always check the accuracy of citations created through these tools. They can be very helpful, but may make mistakes.

Citation Managers at IU