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Jewish Studies Primary Source Collections

Provides access to Jewish studies primary sources, both digital and physical materials at IU

Jewish Studies Primary Sources


Indiana University has an extensive Jewish Studies collection, held within various different branches and archives at Indiana University. This guide should serve as an introduction to accessing these materials. The individual items are organized into general topics and also include digital resources with high quality scans that may prove useful to your research. It is important to note that this list is not comprehensive. There are likely additional materials within collections that are not clearly identified within the finding aid. Any questions about the contents of a collection can usually be directed to the archive or library it is contained within.


Looking for a quick start, consider using IUCAT or Archives Online. The main catalog of books at Indiana University is IUCAT. Watch the video below if you need help finding e-books in IUCAT. Archives Online is a portal for accessing collections within the various archive and library branches at Indiana University. (Archives Online is currently migrating to a new site, the collections from the old site are not yet fully integrated into the new one, both are accessible below.)

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