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IU Bloomington Library Tour

Better understand the libraries at IU Bloomington

How to Use This Guide



Welcome to IUB Libraries!

In the IUB Libraries, we understand many ways of knowing. From lived experience to scholarly understanding, our libraries and librarians support many different end goals of higher education, and our collections represent a diversity of community and ideas, emphasizing discovery and the search for truth. Whether your goal is to complete a bachelor's degree, to go to graduate school, to work in academia, or simply to gain the knowledge to critically engage with information in confusing times, the IUB Libraries is here to magnify your efforts to propel you towards your personal goals. 

This guide is your introduction to the IUB Libraries. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find a series of tabs that provide a guide to Wells library as well as the other libraries on the IUB campus. The libraries' website is located at

In the sidebar, you will also find a box titled "Ask a Librarian" where you can chat directly with an IUB librarian during open chat hours. 

While the libraries will not be open as usual during the COVID crisis, our services will return to the buildings during the course of your time at IUB. We hope that these resources will help you develop some knowledge and comfort with the physical spaces of the library for when we reopen, as well as providing the concrete resources you need to produce quality work in the meantime.


For questions about the Fall 2020 Library Services, please visit the Library Services Fall 2020 page.


If you have any questions, please reach out via the chat in the lefthand sidebar, or by email to Meggan Press, Undergraduate Education Librarian, at