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Indigenous Design

This guide focuses on what indigenous design means--moving beyond just the aesthetic value. Resources include articles, as well as linked firms and designers.


"Design Through an Indigenous Lens: Decolonizing our Approach to Architecture" Matthew Hickey

Hawai'i Non-Linear | Sean Connelly, Chris Leong, Dominic Leong, with Sanford Kwinter

A public stewardship nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Native artists, cultural practitioners, and grassroots groups who build and care for the physical wellbeing of Hawai‘i built environments in the protective form of ‘Āina (Land / That Which Feeds).

Established in 2021, in Honolulu and New York City, Hawai‘i Nonlinear aims to uplift Native initiatives that physically embed radical cultural manifestations of art, architecture, decolonial history, and Indigenous learning across Pae ‘Āina Hawai‘i (Hawaiian Islands).