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HIST J300 American Eugenics

A research guide for students in Prof. Tina Irvine's Spring 2021 American Eugenics class.

Information Overload!!!

The strength and the challenge of IU's history collection is its breadth. Do you feel overwhelmed? Can't find what you're looking for? This guide can help! If you're still having trouble, please let me know! You can also make use of the much larger history research guide linked below. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many search engines "stem" your search terms, meaning they look for the main part of a word and ignore everything else (e.g. searching "Christianity" will give you results for "Christian"). Consequently, searching "eugenics" will often give you results for anyone named Eugene. Don't get discouraged! Try alternative/related terms.

In a rush? Try the tabs below.

Getting Started

The main catalog of books at Indiana University is IUCAT. Watch the video below if you need help finding e-books in IUCAT.

Search IUCAT:

See below for some recent histories of eugenics.

If you are just starting a research project and need to know some basic information to get started, encyclopedias and historical dictionaries are great tools.

Most databases allow you click a box with a name like "scholarly articles," which does a reasonably good job of limiting your results to high-quality, academic articles.

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