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Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Emphasis on scholarly publications in the humanities and social sciences, and on materials in the three main vernacular languages of the Middle East: Arabic (50,000 volumes), Hebrew (19,000), and Persian (5,000), as well as ancient Greek, Kurdish, Ottoman


The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies collection supports the research and curriculum needs of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC) and related academic units in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The collection contains both primary and secondary source materials with an emphasis on scholarly publications in the humanities and social sciences, and on materials in the three main vernacular languages of the area: Arabic (50,000 volumes), Hebrew (19,000), and Persian (5,000), as well as ancient Greek, Kurdish, Ottoman Turkish, Syriac, and Urdu. The collection includes an extensive list of current serials in all languages.

A core, specialized reference collection of more than 200 titles is integrated into the general Reference Collection (most of these titles are included in the Annotated Bibliography of Reference Sources for Arabic and Islamic Studies in the Indiana University Libraries).


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  • Encyclopaedia Iranica: A comprehensive reference work covering Iranian history, culture, languages, and literatures in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent.
  • Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd edition: The standard reference encyclopedia for Jewish knowledge and life from the Second Temple period to the present day.
  • Encyclopedia of Islam (all editions): The 2nd edition (EI2) is the standard, authoritative encyclopedia (1960-2008) on the Islamic faith and the Islamicate world. The 3rd edition (EI3) is an all-new work (2007-) reflecting current scholarship on Islam in the twentieth century, Muslim minorities, and social science as well as humanistic perspectives.
  • Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures: A unique collaboration of over 1000 scholars from around the world, the EWIC is an essential reference work for students and researchers in the fields of gender studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.
  • Oxford Islamic Studies Online (OISO): Features authoritative reference content and scholarly commentary on Islamic history, the faith and concepts of Islam, the people, tenets and practices, politics, culture, and more.


  • Bibliography of Arabic Books (BABO): A comprehensive bibliographic database which includes information about virtually all books published in Arabic before 1960 (eventually, later titles will also be included); database currently includes about 60,000 records.
  • Brockelmann Online: Provides bio-bibliographic information about works written in Arabic and their authors, with an emphasis on the classical period. Includes Brockelmann's original and supplemental volumes as well as indexes.
  • Database of Arabic Literature in Western Research (DAL): Provides detailed, annotated, and content-enriched bibliographic records of books, articles, chapters of books, and reviews written in English since the movement of translation and commentary of Arabic literary texts first began in the West.
  • Index Islamicus: [SCROLL DOWN] The primary international, classified bibliography of publications in European languages on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world, with extensive name and subject indexes.
  • Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies: A systematic, non-evaluative bibliographic index of research, policy, and scholarly discourse on the countries and peoples of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.
  • Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB): Provides coverage of Egyptological literature from 1822 to 2002 (roughly 70,000 items) as well as partial coverage of 2003-2008.
  • Oxford Bibliographies Online: Islamic Studies: Written by top scholars, each entry provides a balanced, authoritative introduction to a subject and its subtopics, followed by annotated lists of the key literature. Users are able to create personalized bibliographies.

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