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South Asian Cinema

Resources for watching & finding information on South Asian cinema

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South Asian Cinema Research Guide

Welcome to the South Asian cinema research guide. This guide is designed to help students through research in South Asian cinema. Our collection includes resources for every South Asian cinema industry including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

In this guide, you will find a collection of resources to guide your research at any level, from undergraduate term papers to graduate theses and dissertation. The guide is designed to guide the reader from basic resources and top-rated films to more in-depth scholarly analysis.

For those with a more casual interest in South Asian cinema and Bollywood films, ignite your interest further by going to the “Introduction” tab in this guide, where you will find some key resources on this subject as well as a short list of must-know films.

If you are ready to take on more active research, you might want to start with the resources available in the “Journals” and “Books” tabs for a curated list of top-ten books and major journal articles that should form the starting point for any research design and bibliography. Research on topics related to South Asia often requires a little technical skill and problem-solving capability, so be sure and check out the “Research Tips” tab for our recommendations on deepening your research beyond this research guide.

Budding cultural critics will enjoy the “Reviews” tab, where witty and often insightful criticism of South Asian films can be found in abundance. Check out the “Available films” list for some movies to watch and flex your own critical muscles.

We have also included a separate section on Parallel Cinema, Prayoga Cinema, and Independent Film. These selections forgo the expected song and dance numbers, taking either a more socially critical stance or taking on the dimensions of an art film.

Happy Watching!