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Compensation Research Guide (2022)

Outlines compensation research strategies and sources.

Evaluating Salary/Wage Data

Once salary or wage data is found, it will need to be evaluated for authority, currency, and reliability. In addition, examine the data to determine if it is relevant for your purpose. Use the following worksheets to assist with these evaluation processes.

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Salary or Wage Data Resources



U.S. Government Wage Surveys:
In-depth salary surveys and data collected and published by the U.S. government.




Executive Compensation:


Professional or Industry Associations:

Many professional or trade associations conduct salary surveys of members. Often the current year is fee-based but previous years can be found either freely online or using library databases. Use the resources below to identify pertinent professional/trade associations or to locate the full-text of any salary surveys conducted.

Primary Research:

Research you conduct yourself (primary research) either through informational interviews or informal conversations can be a good source of focused compensation information.