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CJUS P290 The Nature of Inquiry

Updated for Fall 2022

Look in the Right Place

When you need information for research papers, you will save time and get better results if you look in the right place. Using Google is great if you are looking for cat videos or a place to order pizza, but not so good for academic research. For that, you should start from the IU Libraries web site. For research in criminal justice, start with this guide.


Best Bets for Library Research in Criminal Justice

Encyclopedias can be a good place to start researching a new topic. They offer short guides to the current research and often include lists of other recommended sources. Here are a few criminal justice encyclopedias in our library catalog, IUCAT:

Why Not Just Use Google Scholar?

Google Scholar Search

... You can. In fact, here's a direct link to it to show that we don't hate it. But Google Scholar includes everything in one big bucket. If you do use Google Scholar, make sure your Scholar settings include a library link to Indiana University - Bloomington -- IU-Link, which will connect you to resources available to IU users.The search box above already has these settings.