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CJUS P290 The Nature of Inquiry

Finding the Right Information

Information is everywhere. However, finding correct information is increasingly difficult. Using Google to find information is ok, as long as you understand the limitations of the information you are receiving. Searching Google for "Best Pizza" will return a list of pizza places in Bloomington...because Google already knows where you are and anticipates what you mean, that you are looking for a pizza restaurant.

When you need information for research papers you need to use scholarly databases. Scholarly Databases (like JSTOR, EBSCO and many others) provide researchers with access to peer-reviewed articles. This guide has a link to several such databases under the "Research Articles" tab to the left. 


Search Stratagies

Refining Searches

To be more specific when searching a database place quotation marks around two or more terms to get results with those words in that exact order. Searching for "Neighborhood Crime" will return results with Neighborhood Crime in that exact order.

Finding Articles

Always download the PDF of any article that looks even remotely helpful/interesting regarding your topic. The PDF is a complete copy of the article with all the information you need to properly cite the information in your bibliography. You can store PDFs in your IU Box Account or email (they do not take up much storage).