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Finding Dissertations and Theses

Use this guide to learn how to obtain copies of dissertations and theses.

Scholarworks: IU's Research Repository

IUScholarWorks is our repository, intended for anyone affiliated with IU to share their research openly so that it’s available for anyone in the world to read. It’s important to remember that this includes graduate students! Graduate students can share papers, data, posters, and even their dissertation in IUScholarWorks.

This means that it is a great resource for finding IU Dissertations. You can:

  • Browse by community, which is sorted first by campus and then by sub-communities, such as Jacobs School of Music.
  • Search by Author, Subject, or Date Issued.

Email with any questions!


If searching for IU dissertations or theses, one place to start your search is in IUCAT. However, some works have not been entered in IUCAT, so you may need to search both ProQuest Dissertations & Theses and IUCAT, as well as IU Scholarworks.

Searching IUCAT

First, limit your search to IU dissertations and theses by entering: thesis AND "Indiana University". Then enter your topic or concept as another keyword.


1996 to Present

Most IU dissertations and theses published since 1996 are available full-text electronically in ProQuest. Search for IU works by going to Advanced Search where, at the foot of the screen, you can limit by school.

Show me.

Since 2004, most IU dissertations have been submitted in electronic format only. Dissertations produced by the Jacobs School of Music are an exception.

IU Dissertations and Theses: Pre-1996

Most IU dissertations and theses for any date are included in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.

Consult print bibliographies for works spanning 1883 to 1984, which are organized by subject and with an author index. These bibliographies are housed in the Reference Reading Room. These volumes provide lists of citations only and provide no abstracts:

A Bibliography of Theses Submitted to Indiana University for Advanced Degrees, 1883-1927

REF Z 5055.U5 I6

A Bibliography of theses submitted to Indiana University for Advanced Degrees, 1927/1935-1983/1984

REF Z 5055.U5 I62