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BUS W235 Idea Validation and Business Model Development

Industry/Market Resources

For industry and market reports and analyses, use these resources:


Business Source Complete, Factiva and Nexis Uni are examples of literature databases. In databases like these, the language you use when searching matters more than you might think. Use the tips on the Effective Searching tab to improve your results.

For this concept Start with words like
Generation Z ("generation z" or genz)
Consumer psychology ("consumer attitudes" or "consumer behavior")
Purchase drivers ("purchase intention" or "path to purchase" or "willingness to pay")
Mobile/online shoppping (mobile or online) and (shop* or purchas*)
Mobile payments (fintech or "financial technology" or "mobile banking")
Marketing (marketing or advertising)


("consumer attitudes" OR "consumer behavior") AND (mobile OR online) AND (shop* OR purchas*)

(clothing or apparel) AND ("purchase intention" or "path to purchase" or "willingness to pay")

* The asterisk is known as  a 'wild card.' It gives the search engine permission to substitute any string of letters for the asterisk, so in this case, it will return articles that mention shopping, shoppers or shop.

Note: Not every combination of search terms will be useful, and these suggestions and examples are not exhaustive: You will need to come up with additional terms for other ideas you are interested in researching.

Marketing and Demographics

General Library Resources

  IUB Libraries Website

Use the "Research" tab to find databases by subject/discipline. The Business subject page has a curated list of business databases, or consult the A-Z Database link for a list of all the Indiana University Bloomington subscription databases. These resources must be accessed through the Libraries website or portals like this guide.

   Business/SPEA Citation Guide

Examples of how to cite business information in both MLA and APA citation formats.