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Race, Migration, & Indigeneity

The inter- and multidisciplinary field of Race, Migration, & Indigeneity considers the ways in which race interweaves with historical and contemporary formations of identity

Introduction and Scope


Welcome to the 'Research: Getting Started' Guide! This guide was created to help you with your research process and includes sections on planning your research, where and how to find reliable resources, and writing/citation tips and strategies. 

Learning Outcomes

This guide will help you:

  • Use your course and assignment information to create a complex but manageable research question.
  • Utilize resources at Indiana University as well as open resources online to find reliable sources for your research.
  • Review your sources to ensure they hold the most up-to-date, trustworthy, and relevant information for your research.
  • Use and apply writing tips including academic style and inclusive, accessible writing techniques.
  • Understand citation managers and how to find help with citing resources.

Need more help?

For more in-depth research support, please reach out to your subject librarian or utilize the Research Assistance service in the IU Libraries Learning Commons. For general inquiries and information, feel free to get started with our Reference service.