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Race, Migration, & Indigeneity

The inter- and multidisciplinary field of Race, Migration, & Indigeneity considers the ways in which race interweaves with historical and contemporary formations of identity


  • Sequoyah National Research Center  The collections of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Sequoyah National Research Center constitute the largest assemblage of Native American expression in the world. Our mission, to acquire and preserve the writings and ideas of Native North Americans, is accomplished through collecting the written word and art of Native Americans and creating a research atmosphere that invites indigenous peoples to make the Center an archival home for their creative work.
  • Racial Justice Resource Center Brown University Library’s Racial Justice Resource Center serves as a hub for studying racism and racial justice in the United States and globally. The Center identifies scholarship, events, research, and conversations across the Brown University community and academia addressing racial justice. The resources available within the Center explore race-based oppression, discrimination, policy, and the activism and efforts to confront them across disciplines.

Centers & Organizations

  • Center for Research on Race & Ethnicity in Society (CRRESS)  The Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society (CRRES) at Indiana University in Bloomington is an interdisciplinary, academic research center. Our mission is to promote research on race and ethnicity, bring together scholars across disciplines for dialogue and collaboration, and train the next generation of scholars here on the IUB campus.
  • Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)  CLACS also sponsors a wide range of lectures, conferences, and events highlighting aspects of the region’s cultures, societies, and languages, in addition to providing information on Latin American and the Caribbean to local, regional, and national constituencies.
  • American Indian Studies Research Institute (AISRI) The American Indian Studies Research Institute (AISRI) at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) carries out research projects that involve the languages, cultures, and histories of Native American and Indigenous nations of the United States and Canada. As a physical and digital hub of research activity, AISRI is a center for scholars on the IUB campus and in Native American and Indigenous communities and prepares the next generation of scholars through education and mentorship. We advance knowledge and understandings for and with collaborating Nations through print and digital resources that are vital to current and future efforts to sustain and revitalize Native American and Indigenous languages and cultures.
  • Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR)  The Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR) at the APS Library & Museum works with Indigenous communities throughout the Americas and with campus- and community-based scholars in many disciplines and traditions. Its goal is to assist people in finding and utilizing the extensive archival collections at the Library and Museum of the APS in innovative ways that honor Indigenous knowledge, cultivate scholarship, and strengthen languages and cultural traditions.
  • Centre for Indigenous and Settler Colonial Studies The Centre for Indigenous and Settler Colonial Studies at the University of Kent brings together scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences with individual interests in the Americas, Oceania, Western Asia, Southern Africa, and northern Europe, and with a collective interest in the global frameworks of Critical Indigenous Studies (CIS). While we place Indigenous Studies and Settler Colonial Studies in critical dialogue in bringing together scholars engaged in each, and through conversations around mutual practical and discursive attempts to analyse and disrupt the colonial structures of settler states, we understand these fields to be discrete, and emerging out of different systems of knowledge production.