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MUS M402: History of Music and Literature II

This guide will assist Dr. Rogers' students in locating sources for their research projects.

Take-Home assignment: Journal Selfie!

Your mission: Take a selfie next to the OLDEST volume you can find of one of these three journals (you only have to pick one):

1. Musica Sacra

2. Musical Times

3. Zeitschrift fur Musik

All three of these journals are located in the bound journals section of the 3rd floor of the music library. You will notice that our bound journals are arranged in alphabetical order. Find one of these three titles, and then, take a selfie with the oldest issue you see for that journal. Some of our journals date back to the 1800s--you might be surprised! Submit your selfie on Canvas!

These issues may be located on high-up shelves--instead of pulling the issues off the shelves, just angle your camera upward! If you remove the issue from the shelf, PUT IT BACK!