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MUS M402: History of Music and Literature II

This guide will assist Dr. Rogers' students in locating sources for their research projects.

General Information

Media Collections Online ( is a service provided by IU Bloomington Library Technologies to support online access to video and audio collections. MCO is used for media course reserves and streaming for digital media collections, replacing legacy platforms such as the Video Streaming Service and the Variations Digital Music Library. MCO is also used to provide access to many library, archival and other collections at IU.

Media Collections Online houses both audio and video collections.

If you find something in IUCAT that you would like to see in MCO but it is not yet available there, please contact the ATM Librarian

Searching MCO

If you are affiliated with IU in any capacity (faculty, staff, student) you should first sign in to MCO by clicking "sign in" in the top right corner.


Screen grab of Media Collections Online homepage. "Sign in" link in top right corner is circled in red.


Browsing MCO Items

If you would like to browse all items in MCO, you can do that by clicking "Browse Items" to the right of "Media Collections Online" in the top banner.

Screen grab of Media Collections Online homepage. "Browse items" link is circled red.

You can then limit items by format (moving image, sound recording), unit (such as Archives of Traditional Music), genres, language, or date using the facets on the left hand side. Due to copyright and deposit agreements for materials, not all MCO items are available to the public. Please contact the ATM Librarian for information about getting access to materials. 

Screen grab of Media Collections Online search results page. Red lines designate the browse and limit facets on the left hand side of page.


Viewing MCO Collections

You can also view MCO Collections created and curated by collection managers across Indiana University campuses by clicking "View Collections". 

Screen grab of Media Collections Online homepage. "View Collections" link is circled in red.

If you scroll down to Archives of Traditional Music you can see some of the MCO collections created by ATM staff such as "Field and Broadcast Collections", "Voegelin Archives of the Languages of the World Collections", and "American Museum of Natural History Collections".

Archives of Traditional Music. Thumbnail images appear over names and links to collections assigned to Archives of Traditional Music in Media Collections Online.


Searching for items in MCO

If you are interested in finding a particular kind or topic of item in MCO, you can also search using the search box under the "Sign in" button in the top right of the webpage. 

Screen grab of Media Collections Online homepage. Search box in upper right of page is circled in red.

Once you search for a term, you can also narrow down your search using the facets on the left as described above under Browsing MCO Items.

If looking for something specific, searching for ATM items is more efficient by searching IUCAT

MCO Links in IUCAT

When items are added to Media Collections, ATM staff put a link to the item in its catalog record in IUCAT. If you search IUCAT and see an item with a hyperlink that says "Access for [Bloomington] - (Available to authorized users)", you can click on that to be directed to Media Collections Online. You may need to log in to Media Collections Online in order to actually listen to the content. 


Screen grab of IUCAT record for Indiana Fiddler by John W. Summers. The URL in the catalog record is circled in red.


If you find something in IUCAT that has a link but when you get to Media Collections Online you receive an error message or that you do not have access to it, and you wish to listen to the item, please contact the ATM Librarian