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Consumption and Production: Themes of Sustainability in Artists' Books

This guide shares information about artists' books from the "Consumption and Production: Themes of Sustainability in Artists' Books" events hosted by IU Libraries, as well as supplementary materials such as news articles, research, and multimedia resource

News Articles

Miscellaneous Resources

Vann, A., Murrill, B. J., & Tiemann, M. (2016, July 20). Hydraulic fracturing: Selected legal issues. Congressional Research Service.

About the Artist's Book

4 3 2 CRY exposes the effects of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas upon families, land, air and water in the author’s former home in Northern Colorado. After a 34 year absence, the author returns to the Johnstown Farm, a home she shared with her young husband, who tragically lost his life in a farming accident. The book is a meditation on personal loss as well as a lament for a community transformed by drilling operations and leads to the author’s call to stop hydraulic fracturing in the USA.


Book Review
Hettinga, K. T. (2018). 4 3 2 CRY: Fracking in Northern Colorado. Afterimage45(6), 1. 

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