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Consumption and Production: Themes of Sustainability in Artists' Books

This guide shares information about artists' books from the "Consumption and Production: Themes of Sustainability in Artists' Books" events hosted by IU Libraries, as well as supplementary materials such as news articles, research, and multimedia resource


Welcome and thank you for your interest in artists' books and their connections to themes of sustainability! This library guide serves as a hub for taking a deep dive into additional information about the topics covered in this collection. Each book has its own page with a myriad of resources, which include news articles, research articles, books within IU Libraries' collection, and multimedia sources such as videos or documentaries. Each book in this guide explores ideas that are rooted or examined within the scientific lens. We invite you to learn and see how art can complement science and vice versa and take a deep dive into the varied and vast types of information available.


Questions or Comments?
Reach out to Art, Architecture, and Design Librarian S. Carter ( or Neuro-Health Sciences Librarian Amy Minix (
Special thanks to Sciences Graduate Assistant Jackson Harper for compiling many of the resources shared!