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Un and Under Cataloged Microforms

Hard to find microforms at the Wells Library.


  • Shaw, Robert D., ed. Late Prehistoric Development of Alaska's Native People. 1986. 611 p. 11 microfiche. E 99 .E7 L296 1986a
  • Stevens, Susan MaCulloch. Alternative Economic Development Policies for Indian Communities. Passamaquoddy Economic Development in Cultural and Historical Perspective. 1974. 173p. 2 microfiche. E99 .P27 S8 1974a
  • Davis, Maria S. Sex-Role Factors in the Career Development of Black Female High School Students. 1977. Dissertation. 2 microfiche. E185.8 .D38 1977a

Travels in the Confederate States

Black Perspective on the News

Black Perspective on the News was a public television program that began airing in 1968 on WHYY-TV in Philadelphia. We own the transcripts of twenty-one episodes that aired in 1971, hosted by Jimmy McDonald with a panel and a special guest. We have listed the air dates (when available) and the guests below.

no.1, Jan. 6, 1971: Richard Ottinger, senatorial candidate

no.2, Jan. 8, 1971: James Farmer, former assistant secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare

no.3, Jan. 15, 1971: Eva Jefferson, student leader

no.4, Jan. 29, 1971: Patrick Murphy, New York City Police Commissioner

no.5, Jan. 20, 1971: W. Beverly Carter, State Department official

no.6, Jan 27, 1971: Cecil B. Moore, political organizer

no.7, Feb. 10, 1971: The Rev. Walter Fauntroy

no.8, Mar. 28, 1971: Samuel Jackson, Housing and Urban Development assistant secretary

no.9, May 5, 1971: Percy Sutton, Manhattan Borough president

no.10, May 25, 1971: Imamu Baraka [Amari Baraka]

no.11, May 25, 1971: O.S. WIlliams, aerospace executive

no.12, May 25, 1971: Nat Hentoff, journalist

no.13, Jun 8, 1971: Prof. L.D. Reddick, afro-american history

no.14, n.d.: Sen. George McGovern (D-SD)

no.15, n.d.:  Bayard Rustin

no.16, n.d.: Paul Robeson, Jr.

no.17, n.d.: Min. Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam

no.18, n.d.: M. Burnham, lawyer for Angela Davis

no, 19, n.d.: Roy Wilkins, N.A.A.C.P. executive director

no. 20, n.d.: George Wiley, National Welfare Rights Organization

no. 21, n.d.: Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-MN)

OAS Documents

We own the official documents for the Organization of American States.

General Documents

The documents for 1948-1960 have not been cataloged. You can find each of the three series under the call number F1402 .A169

Acta: [minutes of meetings] [1948-1960]
Title on card: Documents of the Council of the Organization of American States.
Series G only. Uncataloged and unmarked, but they file ahead of the rest of the fiche.


Technical Reports and Documents

We own the catalogs for these documents from 1974/1976 - 1983/1984, but we also own the microfiche described in the first volume (1974/1976) even though this is not noted in IUCat anywhere.

NOTE: Documents are primarily in Spanish.

From the 1974/1976 introduction to the catalog:

It was an initial attempt to organize an effective system of registration and identification of technical reports and studies not included in the Official Records Series or in the SG Series of technical and and information documents. ...

In general the Catalog will contain documents in the following categories:

  1. Technical reports and other related documents resulting from direct or indirect services.
  2. Studies and reports prepared by specialists employed by the General Secretariat upon missions under the various programs.
  3. Studies and reports prepared by experts or advisors especially contracted to carry out missions under the various programs.
  4. Final reports of seminars and workshops.
  5. Papers presented by staff members at international and national conferences sponsored by other organizations.
  6. External surveys, studies and reports contracted by the OAS.
  7. Technical reports, theses or studies prepared by OAS fellowship holders.
  8. Such other reports or documents as are considered of special interest to the Organization.

Decisions Taken at Meetings
Volumes 1-13 (1948-1960), English and Spanish.
Unmarked, but file after the technical reports (F1408 .O5) and the Treaty Series which is left unremarked on because those documents may be found in HeinOnline.

Congresses and Conferences Series
Numbers 1-69 (1929-1950)
Unmarked, but follow the Decisions. A note found in the drawer reads, "The 'Congress and Conference Series' published by the Pan American Union from 1929 to 1950 contains the Final Acts of inter-American Conferences and Meetings, the texts of other principal documents (Proceedings, programs, regulations, etc.) relating to some of these conferences and a number of handbooks and compilations or articles pertaining to inter-American conferences and meetings. This series was discontinued in 1950 and was replaced but the 'Conferences and Organizations' Series."

Conferences and Organizations Series
Numbers 1-60. (1948-)
Unmarked. A note found in the drawer reads, "The 'Conferences and Organizations' Series, successor to the 'Congress and Conference' Series, contains the Final Acts of conferences incorporated within the structure of the Organization of American States; the texts of other principal documents (proceedings, programs, regulations, etc.) relating to some of these conferences; the basic texts (agreements, statutes, regulations, and 'standards') that govern the operation of agencies closely connected with the Organization or define their relationship with it; and a number of handbooks and compilations pertaining to conferences or organizations. This series was discontinued by the Pan American Union in 1959 and the information it formerly contained is nor found in the Official Docs."