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Racial Equity and Social Justice

Materials selected by IU librarians and members of our community

For some time, the IU Libraries have been engaged in ongoing conversations about how to support anti-racist work and broaden representation across our collections. In spring 2021, we launched the Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge, which invited participants to engage with items from our collections that facilitated and deepened their awareness of a variety of issues surrounding equity and justice. The challenge was a collaboration between the library departments of Arts & Humanities and Teaching & Learning, with valuable support and contributions from colleagues across the IU Libraries. It was retired on June 30, 2021.

Most of the suggestions for reading, viewing, and listening on these pages originated with the Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge, and reflect the parameters of that program. All of the materials featured here were created by members of groups traditionally under-engaged in library collections. Items marked with an asterisk were recommended by members of our community.

The 2021 Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge was intended to encourage participants to engage with materials and subjects that they might normally overlook, and thereby get a glimpse into perspectives and experiences differing markedly from their own. We also hoped that participating in such a program might help people realize that we are all in a world together, and that we have responsibilities to build a world that is representative of all of us.