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Take & Make Kits


Finished macrame plant hanger hanging in front of a peg board wall.

This Take & Make Kit includes materials to make a mini plant hanger. We’ll learn how to tie a wrapped knot and then make three rows of knots in order to hold a small potted plant.

Included in Your Kit

  • 5 pieces of 2mm Macrame Cord
  • Ring
  • 2" Terra Cotta Pot

Extra Supplies

  • Scissors

Loop the Cord Through the Ring

1. You should have four pieces of macrame that are about four feet long and one piece that is about two feet long.

2. Unravel all the pieces and loop the four longer pieces through your key ring at the halfway point so that you now have eight pieces of cord hanging down from your ring.

Four pieces of macrame cord pulled through a ring.

Tie a Wrapped Knot

*Note that these video demonstrations have the cord hanging, but you can lay your cord out flat on a table to tie your knots.

3. Next we’re going to tie a wrapped knot to secure the cord to the ring. Grab the remaining short piece of cord to tie this knot.

4. Put the short piece of cord over your looped cords with the short tail to the left, a loop pointing down, and the long tail to the right.

5. Wrap the long tail around the looped cords and the loop of the short cord.

6. Continue wrapping the long tail, pulling tight and leaving the bottom loop of the short cord uncovered.

7. After you’ve looped the cord around several times, thread the long tail through the loop at the bottom.

8. Pull up on the short tail to tighten the knot and pull it underneath the wrapped cord.

9. Cut the ends of the cord as close to the knot as possible.

Tie 3 Rows of Knots

10. Lay your cords flat and separate your strands into pairs.

11. Tie a row of standard knots about 6" down from the ring. 

Macrame cord separated into pairs.

12. Separate your strands. Match one strand from each pair with a strand from an adjacent pair.

13. Tie another standard knot in each new pair 2″–3″ inches down from the first knot.

14. Split the pairs again, and tie more knots another 2″–3″ down.

Macrame cord tied with two rows of knots.

Tie Off Your Plant Hanger

15. Then gather all the strands together 1″–3″ below the last knots and gather them all in a single knot.

16. Trim the ends as long or short as you’d like.

Finished macrame plant hanger.

Add Your Pot

17. Add your pot, hang it up, and enjoy!

Local Nurseries & Seed Libraries

Box of seed packets displayed on a table at the Wylie House Museum.

Bloomington has several local shops and nurseries where you can purchase small plants that are perfect for this mini plant hanger!

Interested in starting from seeds? Visit the Seed Library at the Monroe County Public Library or pick up seeds from the Wylie House Museum.