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LING L213 Language Acquisition

Resource guide for students of LING-L 213, fall 2020 (Ann Bunger)

Databases in other subjects

  • Depending on your research topic, you may find it helpful to search databases in other subjects.
  • For example, science databases such as PubMed or Web of Science may include scholarly literature on biological diversity in language acquisition. PsycINFO or ERIC may help you find research on cognitive and developmental diversity in language acquisition. 
  • You can use ProQuest Social Sciences to search across several important social science databases simultaneously. 
  • See also the list of specialized databases for Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Multidisciplinary resources

  • In addition to Google Scholar, there are a couple more multidisciplinary resources that may help you find research on your topic: Academic Search and OneSearch@IU.
  • OneSearch@IU searches not only scholarly article databases and some popular publications, but also the library catalog (IUCAT), and so it can be used to find books and e-books as well as articles. 
  • Searches in these multidisciplinary resources are likely to retrieve a large number of results. The video on this page provides some tips on narrowing search results in OneSearch@IU.