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LING L213 Language Acquisition

Resource guide for students of LING-L 213, fall 2020 (Ann Bunger)

LLBA and Google Scholar

  • The database LLBA (Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts) is an excellent place to start research on any aspect of linguistics.
  • LLBA provides access mostly to articles in scholarly journals and to dissertations. 
  • Search this database by keyword; use quotes to search for terms occurring together.
  • Note that LLBA can be used to search for articles within specific journals. Under Advanced Search, enter the title of the journal  (e.g. "journal of child language") in the PUB field. Then enter your keywords and/or phrase (e.g. "language development" autism) in the second search box.
  • Google Scholar is another excellent place to begin linguistics research. This database provides access not only to scholarly articles, but also to books, dissertations, and some other types of content. 
  • Note that when searching Google Scholar, you will probably need to provide more specific search terms than when using LLBA.