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American Historical Review Digital Primary Sources

A list from the American Historical Review of open access databases containing digitized primary sources for historical research.

Calisphere (University of California Libraries)
“Calisphere provides free access to unique and historically important artifacts for research, teaching, and curious exploration. Discover over one million photographs, documents, letters, artwork, diaries, oral histories, films, advertisements, musical recordings, and more . . . The collections on Calisphere have been digitized and contributed by all ten campuses of the University of California and other important libraries, archives, and museums throughout the state.”
Regions: California; United States
Dates: 500 B.C.E.-present

Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources For Slave Societies (Vanderbilt University)
"Dedicated to identifying, cataloguing, and digitally preserving endangered archival materials documenting the history of Africans and Afro-descended peoples in the Iberian colonies. ESSSS currently has projects in Colombia, Cuba and Brazil." The project has since added records from Spanish Florida.
Regions: Caribbean; South America
Dates: 1500-1900

Birmingham [Alabama] Public Library Digital Collections (Birmingham Public Library)
“The Digital Collections of Birmingham Public Library were created to preserve and make available the local history of Birmingham [Alabama] and the surrounding area. These resources may help students, teachers, genealogists, historians and interested citizens learn more about the history of Birmingham.”
Regions: United States; Alabama
Dates: 1500-2011

Canadiana (Canadian Research Knowledge Network)
“With the support of major memory institutions, CRKN [the Canadian Research Knowledge Network] identifies, catalogues, and digitizes documentary heritage—books, newspapers, periodicals, images and nationally-significant archival materials—in specialized searchable databases,” including Canadiana Online, Héritage, and Early Canadiana Online.
Regions: Canada
Dates: 1557-1920

Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents (Creighton University)
"This site contains the entire English translation of The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, originally compiled and edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites and published by The Burrows Brothers Company, Cleveland, throughout the latter part of the nineteenth century."
Regions: North America
Dates: 1610-1791

Medicine in the Americas (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
“A digital library project that makes freely available original works demonstrating the evolution of American medicine from colonial frontier outposts of the 17th century to research hospitals of the 20th century.” Materials include both popular and clinical works on subjects ranging from public health to alternative therapies, ethnic and racial diversity, and women’s health.
Regions: United States; Latin America; Caribbean; Canada
Dates: 1610-1920

Hudson River Valley Heritage (Various repositories; Southeastern New York Library Resources Council)
“Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH) is a digital library that provides visitors with free access to search and browse historical materials from the collections of libraries, archives, museums and historical societies” in the southeastern counties of New York State. “Partners are continually adding new material to the digital collections of photographs, maps, letters, postcards, manuscripts, scrapbooks, programs from events, memorabilia and ephemera, oral histories,” and more, constituting tens of thousands of unique items.
Regions: United States; New York
Dates: 1620-present

Documenting the American South (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
This collection contains texts, images, and audio files related to the history, literature, and culture of the American South. Sources are organized into sixteen thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1624-2006

Umbra Search (University of Minnesota; Various repositories)
“Umbra Search African American History makes African American history more broadly accessible through a freely available widget and search tool,” and it offers “digitization of African American materials across University of Minnesota collections”; the site also “brings together hundreds of thousands of digitized materials from over 1,000 libraries and archives across the country.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1656-present

Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project (University of Virginia)
“An electronic collection of primary source materials relating to the Salem witch trials of 1692 .. . These resources include court records, contemporary books, and record books, as well as images of the original court documents, indexed according to various archival collections. The overview also refers to some of the notable people who played important roles in the trials and in the debate about the legitimacy of the trials. Users of the Archive may search the court records and contemporary books and letters for names of people involved, aided by a list of notable people and by a complete alphabetical list of everyone mentioned in the court documents. The Archive’s historical maps of Salem Village, Salem, and Andover show the locations of the houses of many of the people involved in the trials. The Regional Accusations Map displays the chronology of the accusations from February through November 1692 ... The Archive’s collection of literary works includes works by Hawthorne, Longfellow, Whittier, and Freeman.”
Regions: United States; Massachusetts
Dates: 1692-1893

North American Slave Narratives (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
"This collection includes all the existing autobiographical narratives of fugitive and former slaves published as broadsides, pamphlets, or books in English up to 1920."
Regions: North America
Dates: 1700-1920

Early Amerian Manuscripts Project (New York Public Library)
"With support from the The Polonsky Foundation, The New York Public Library is currently digitizing upwards of 50,000 pages of historic early American manuscript material. The Early American Manuscripts Project will allow students, researchers, and the general public to revisit major political events of the era from new perspectives and to explore currents of everyday social, cultural, and economic life in the colonial, revolutionary, and early national periods."
Regions: United States
Dates: 1700-1800

Music and Performing Arts in Colonial America (University of Hawai'i at Manoa)
"Database of more than 53,000 newspaper articles, advertisements, and illustrations that refer to or include music, poetry, or the performing arts in British North America."
Regions: North America
Dates: 1704-1783

Freedom on the Move (Various institutions)
This is a research aid, pedagogical tool, and resource related to fugitive and runaway slave ads; “the ads constitute a detailed, concise, and rare source of information about the experiences of enslaved people.” The site includes digitized images of advertisements, and visitors can contribute by adding transcriptions and updating image metadata to aid others in future searches; searches can be narrowed by type of advertisement, runaway information, enslaver information, and time and place.
Regions: United States; Canada; Mexico; Cuba
Dates: 1704-1861

Founders Online (National Archives; University of Virginia Press)
Transcribed and annotated writings from "George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams [and family], Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison." The comprehensive collection contains thousands of items, including diaries, correspondence to and from, and other significant drafts and essays.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1706-1836

Transcribing Early American Manuscript (Various repositories)
“This digital archive houses sermons transcribed from the papers of Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Unitarian ministers who preached up and down the Atlantic coast of North America; it includes the manuscript sermons of white, Native American, and African American preachers.” Searchable by preacher, year, colony/ state, denomination, and biblical text.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1707-1820

The Ancestor Hunt (Kenneth R. Marks)
The Ancestor Hunt website offers resources for visitors interested in genealogy, notably here a research section with links to freely available historical newspapers (especially in the U.S. and Canada). With approximately thirty thousand links, the site categorizes newspapers by region or by topic, and individual summaries guide visitors to collections held online in various repositories or websites.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1750-present

Digital Library on American Slavery (University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Various repositories)
“The Digital Library on American Slavery is an expanding resource compiling various independent online collections focused upon race and slavery in the American South, made searchable through a single, simple interface. Although the current focus of DLAS is sources associated with North Carolina, there is considerable data contained herein relating to all 15 slave states and Washington, D.C., including detailed personal information about slaves, slaveholders, and free people of color.”
Regions: United States; North Carolina
Dates: 1751-1867

Adams Family Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society)
"The Adams Family Papers: An Electronic Archive presents selections from the most important manuscript collection held by the Massachusetts Historical Society. Digital images of the letters exchanged between John and Abigail Adams, John Adams’s diary, and John Adams’s autobiography are presented alongside transcriptions."
Regions: United States
Dates: 1760-1804

The Chung Collection (University of British Columbia)
“The Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection is an outstanding collection of archival documents, photographs, books and artifacts related to three broad themes: British Columbia History, Immigration and Settlement and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Donated in 1999 by Drs. Wallace and Madeline Chung, the Chung Collection is held at [the University of British Columbia] Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections.”
Regions: Canada; British Columbia
Dates: 1761-1996

Georgia Historic Newspapers (Digital Library of Georgia)
“The Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive is a project of the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG), a part of Georgia’s Virtual Library GALILEO and is based at the University of Georgia Libraries. Since 2007, the DLG has partnered with universities, archives, public libraries, historical societies, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions to digitize historical newspapers from around the state. The archive is free and open for public use and includes over one million Georgia newspaper pages between 1786 and 1986.”
Regions: United States; Georgia
Dates: 1763-2017

Canadian Pamphlets and Broadsides (University of Toronto)
“This collection provides access to the pre-1930 Canadian pamphlet and broadside holdings of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library by supplying both page images in full colour, and full searchability of the contents of each item. To date the site consists of 597 broadsides (single sheets, printed on one or both sides) and 2,062 pamphlet titles which amounts to 71,508 page images. The collection includes items printed in Canada, by Canadian authors, or about Canadian subjects, mainly of a non-literary nature.”
Regions: Canada
Dates: 1764-1935

Theodore Roosevelt Center (Dickinson State University)
Contains various forms of Roosevelt-related archival material, including correspondence, diary entries, notes, political cartoons, photographs, and audio recordings.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1780-present

Disability History Museum (Disability History Museum)
The collection contains documents and visuals on the cultural and social history of people with disabilities.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1794-present

Seward Family Digital Archive (University of Rochester)
This archive contains comprehensive records of the correspondence of the Seward family, consisting of letters, bound volumes, photographs, and other miscellaneous material.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1801-1866

W. E. B. Du Bois Papers (University of Massachusetts)
"Over 100,000 items of correspondence (more than three quarters of the papers), speeches, articles, newspaper columns, nonfiction books, research materials, book reviews, pamphlets and leaflets, petitions, novels, essays," and much more.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1803-1999

Post Family Papers Project (University of Rochester)
Scans of correspondence, financial records, legal documents, and printed ephemera from Amy and Isaac Post, Rochester Quakers who were deeply involved in the abolitionist and women’s rights movements of their day.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1817-1918

Blackwell Family Papers Digital Collection (Harvard University Library)
Approximately 120,000 digitized items providing access to five generations of family diaries, correspondence, sermons, lectures, orations, and political speeches. These sources highlight the Blackwell family’s involvement in issues such as women’s suffrage, abolition, temperance, public health, and education reform movements in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Additionally, the site contains a digitized version of The Woman’s Journal, which was published by members of the family.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1821-1973

Colored Conventions (University of Delaware)
“From 1830 until the 1890s, already free and once captive Black people came together in state and national political meetings called ‘Colored Conventions’ . . . The delegates to these meetings included the most well-known, if mostly male, writers, organizers, church leaders, newspaper editors, and entrepreneurs in the canon of early African-American leadership.” The website offers “rare proceedings, newspaper coverage, and petitions that have never before been collected in one place,” documenting the work of both the men and the women involved in these conventions.
Regions: United States; Canada
Dates: 1830-1899

The Liberator Files (Boston Public Library)
Scanned images of all 1,803 issues of William Lloyd Garrison’s abolitionist newspaper The Liberator, along with a photo gallery and a site directory that links to thematically grouped material.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1831-1865

The Walt Whitman Archive (Ed Folsom; Kenneth M. Price)
Digital images and searchable transcriptions of Whitman’s published works, including the six editions of Leaves of Grass, as well as fragments, essays, letters, marginalia, and more.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1838-1919

Hunt's Merchant's Magazine (Michael J. Gagnon)
Hunt’s Merchants’ Magazine, of New York City, was the foremost national business newspaper of its day. While Google Books digitized the documents, its search engine is nearly impossible to use. This website organizes the links to the series in chronological order so they may be found easily.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1839-1870

Thomas A. Edison Papers (Rutgers University)
“Provides powerful search capabilities enabling users to search for over 25,000 individual and organizational names in a database of more than 140,000 documents. These documents encompass a period of rapid industrialization and growth in the scale of enterprise from the Civil War to the onset of the Great Depression. In addition to Edison’s well-known contributions to the development of electric light and power, sound recording, and motion pictures, they also document his contributions to many other industries; including telecommunications (telegraph and telephone), electric batteries, mining, chemical production, cement manufacture, and office and home appliances . . . In addition they provide extensive documentation of his family and of his role as a symbol of American ingenuity. Most of the documents come from the extensive archives of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park . . . In addition, there are documents from nearly 150 other repositories and private collections. The edition will eventually include Edison’s 1,093 U.S. Patents and over 500 motion picture catalogs produced by American producers and distributors between 1894 and 1908.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1842-2005

The Voice of Industry (Public Domain)
Digitized full issues of the U.S. labor newspaper Voice of Industry in scanned image format, plus transcribed material, as well as additional resource links related to labor history.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1845-1848

California Digital Newspaper Collection (Center for the Bibliographical Studies and Research at the University of California, Riverside)
“Contains over 1,500,000 pages of significant historical California newspapers published from 1846–present . . . It also contains issues of several current California newspapers that are part of a project to preserve and provide access to contemporary papers.”
Regions: United States; California
Dates: 1846-present

Digitizing Immigrant Letters (Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota)
Document scans of approximately one hundred handwritten letters written and received by immigrants to the U.S.
Regions: United States; Europe
Dates: 1850-1970

PRISM: Political, Rights Issues, and Social Movements Collection (Floriday Atlantic University)
More than 1,500 documents, mostly in English and mostly pamphlets, covering labor unionism, socialism, and communism in the Americas during the twentieth century. The collection is hosted by Florida Atlantic University.
Regions: United States; Latin America
Dates: 1850-1997

The Michael Steck Papers (University of New Mexico)
Hosted by the University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections, “the Michael Steck Papers consists of monthly correspondence and business records relative to Steck’s tenure as Indian Agent (1852–1863) and as Superintendent of Indian Affairs for New Mexico (1863–1865). Correspondence and papers also relate to his involvements with the New Mexico Mining Company (1865–1880), and Muncy Creek Railroad (Pennsylvania, 1873–1877), as well as personal and family correspondence and papers.”
Regions: New Mexico
Dates: 1853-1880

Francis Willard Digital Journals (Frances E. Willard Memorial Library and Archives)
Digitized transcriptions of journal entries.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1855-1896

Historic Mexican and Mexican American Press (The University of Arizona Libraries)
Document scans of printed material from twenty historic Mexican and Mexican American publications in English and Spanish.
Regions: United States; Mexico
Dates: 1855-1970

The British Colonist (University of Victoria)
Digital scans of all the issues of The British Colonist.
Regions: British Columbia
Dates: 1858-1950

Oral History Center of the Bancroft Library (University of California, Berkeley)
“OHC has carried out interviews in a variety of major subject areas, which include: politics and government; law and jurisprudence; arts and letters; business and labor; social and community history; University of California history; natural resources and the environment; and science, medicine, and technology .. . OHC has conducted over 4,000 oral histories, which totals tens of thousands of interview hours. Nearly every interview that has been transcribed is available for the public to read on the OHC website.”
Regions: United States; California
Dates: 1860-present

Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project (Stanford University)
“Between 1864 and 1869, thousands of Chinese migrants toiled at a grueling pace and in perilous working conditions to help construct America’s first Transcontinental Railroad. The Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project seeks to give a voice to the Chinese migrants whose labor on the Transcontinental Railroad helped to shape the physical and social landscape of the American West. The Project coordinates research in North America and Asia in order to publish new findings in print and digital formats, support new and scholarly informed school curriculum, and participate in conferences and public events.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1864-1869

Western History Digital Photograph Collection (Denver Public Library)
Contains almost ninety thousand digitally preserved photographs from the history of the American West. The library’s digitized collections also include a selection of maps, building plans, and art. Sortable by date, creator, and other criteria.
Regions: United States; American West
Dates: 1869-1969

Carlisle Indian School Digital Archives (Dickinson College)
The archive seeks to bring together, in digital format, a variety of documents and resources relating to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. Sources include student files, images, publications, lists, and rosters.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1876-1917

County Trial Transcripts of New York County Collection (1883-1927) (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
“The Lloyd Sealy Library’s The Trial Transcripts of the County of New York 1883--1927 collection includes the verbatim typewritten proceedings of 3,326 court cases, held in various courts of New York County, which included Manhattan and The Bronx until 1914 . . . These transcripts contain primary material important not only in the study of the interaction between persons accused of crimes and the criminal justice system but in the study of immigration patterns and urban development during this period.” A third of the transcripts are now available online as digitized images.
Regions: New York City
Dates: 1883-1927

Goin' North (West Chester University)
Designed by students at West Chester University, this project recounts the experiences of African Americans who came to Philadelphia as part of the Great Migration of the early twentieth century. Digitized oral history interviews originally recorded in the 1980s are accessible on the site.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1900s-1970s

Forest History Society Photograph Collection (Forest History Society)
“The Forest History Society’s Alvin J. Huss Archives maintains a rich collection of over 30,000 photos, slides, negatives, plates, and films documenting the history of human interaction with the environment. Indexed by subject, the main collection covers a wide array of topics while focusing on the history of forests, the forest products industry, the U.S. Forest Service, and lumbering and sawmilling practices. The majority of the collection consists of black-and-white prints taken in the United States from the 1920s to the 1960s.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1900-1984

South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) (SAADA)
“SAADA creates a more inclusive society by giving voice to South Asian Americans through documenting, preserving, and sharing stories that represent their unique and diverse experiences.” The archive promotes “American and world histories that fully acknowledge the importance of immigrants and ethnic communities in the past, strengthen such communities in the present, and inspire discussion about their role in the future.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1900-present

Prelinger Archives (Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division)
Founded "to collect, preserve, and facilitate access to films of historic significance," it holds "approximately 11,000 digitized and videotape titles (all originally derived from film) and a large collection of home movies, amateur and industrial films."
Regions: United States
Dates: 1903-2016

Natives of Montana Archival Project (University of Montana)
From 2009 to 2012, students in the Native American Studies Department at the University of Montana photographed and made available digital images of files from Record Group 75, Bureau of Indian Affairs, located at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The extensive files include "letters received, copies of letters sent, reports, memoranda, minutes, petitions, leases, contracts, affidavits, applications, certificates, licenses, permits, bonds, wills, other legal documents, tables, circulars, accounting records, clippings, photographs, diagrams, and blueprints."
Regions: United States
Dates: 1907-1939

The Bisbee Deportation of 1917 (University of Arizona)
“This site is a research-based collection of primary and secondary sources for the study of the deportation of over 1,000 striking miners from Bisbee on 12 July, 1917. Materials include I.W.W. publications, personal recollections, newspaper articles, court records, government reports, correspondence, and journal articles.”
Regions: United States; Arizona
Dates: 1912-1997

Women Veterans Historical Project (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
“The Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project (WVHP), established at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) in 1998, documents the contributions of women in the military and related service organizations since World War I. The WVHP includes a wide range of source material including photographs, letters, diaries, scrapbooks, oral histories, military patches and insignia, uniforms, and posters, as well as published works.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1918-present

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project (Stanford University; the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia; and the King Estate)
Digitized scans of correspondence, sermons, speeches, notes, diary entries, arrest reports, jail ledgers, and other documents authored by or pertaining to Martin Luther King Jr.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1929-1968

What America Ate (Michigan State University)
“What America Ate [is] an interactive website and online archive about food in the Great Depression, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.” The 1930s America Eats Project was created by the U.S. government as way to document American cuisine during the Great Depression, and “today, for the first time, America Eats sources that had been scattered across the country are digitized and fully searchable, along with almost two hundred local community cookbooks and thousands of food advertising materials from the 1930s.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1929-1942

Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project (George Washington University)
"ERPP online editions document ER’s prolific career as a journalist and public speaker."
Regions: United States
Dates: 1930-1969

Photogrammar (Yale University)
This expansive collection of photographs by the U.S. Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information (FSA-OWI) provides iconic images from around the U.S. during the Great Depression and World War II (1935–1945). Visitors can navigate the collection with interactive maps and use data visualizations and other tools to search and organize the photographs by categories like geography, era, subject, and even photo composition.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1935-1944

The Negro Motorist Green Book (New York Public Library)
Digitized scans of 22 issues of the Green Book, published to aid African Americans in avoiding racial discrimination while traveling throughout the U.S.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1936-1967

San Francisio Bay Area Television Archive (San Francisco State University)
"The TV Archive preserves 6000 hours of newsfilm, documentaries and other TV footage produced in the Bay Area and Northern California from the Twentieth Century."
Regions: United States
Dates: 1939-2007

Historic Government Publications from World War II (Southern Methodist University)
Scans of 343 printed U.S. government pamphlets, reports, and propaganda materials. Covers women’s issues, home-front race relations, conservation and rationing, soldiers’ guides to other countries, and more.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1940-1945

The Secret White House Tapes (Miller Center, University of Virginia)
“Between 1940 and 1973, six consecutive American presidents secretly taped thousands of their meeting and telephone conversations. These exchanges took place in the White House and in the Executive Office Building, at Camp David and at the LBJ Ranch, and during travel. From Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose infrequent recordings yielded only 8 hours of taped material, to Richard M. Nixon, whose voiceactivated system captured 3,400 hours of discussion, the White House tapes constitute a unique and irreplaceable source for the study of U.S. history and American government.” The site provides access to audio files and transcripts.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1940-1973

Japanese-American Internment Camp Newspapers, 1942-1946 (Library of Congress)
“Produced by the Japanese-Americans interned at assembly centers and relocation centers around the country during World War II, these newspapers provide a unique look into the daily lives of the people who were held in these camps. They include articles written in English and Japanese, typed, handwritten and drawn. They advertise community events, provide logistical information about the camps and relocation, report on news from the community, and include editorials.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1942-1946

Cultural Equity Sound Recordings Catalogue (Association of Cultural Equality)
“The Sound Recordings catalog comprises over 17,400 digital audio files, beginning with [Alan] Lomax’s first recordings onto (newly invented) tape in 1946 and tracing his career into the 1990s. In addition to a wide spectrum of musical performances from around the world, it includes stories, jokes, sermons, personal narratives, interviews conducted by Lomax and his associates, and unique ambient artifacts captured in transit from radio broadcasts, sometimes inadvertently, when Alan left the tape machine running.”
Regions: United States; Global
Dates: 1944-1986

March on Milwaukee Civil Rights History Project (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
This project includes photographs, news film footage, text documents, and oral history interviews, all documenting the efforts of activists and their opponents in the struggle over civil rights issues in 1960s Milwaukee.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1954-1968

The Kent State Shootings: Digital Archive (Kent State University)
This digital archive contains “audio recordings, photographs, artworks, and thousands of documents.” It focuses on audiovisual media from the shootings, also allowing visitors to search for media by geographical location, by sub-collection (e.g., photographs, audio, film, art, papers), by subject area, and by title.
Regions: United States; Ohio
Dates: 1955-present

Freedom Archives (Freedom Archives)
“The Freedom Archives contains over 12,000 hours of audio and video recordings which date from the late-1960s to the mid-90s and chronicle the progressive history of the Bay Area, the United States, and international movements . . . [the] collection includes weekly news, poetry, music programs; in-depth interviews and reports on social and cultural issues; numerous voices from behind prison walls; diverse activists; and pamphlets, journals and other materials from many radical organizations and movements.”
Regions: United States; California
Dates: 1955-2015

Wearing Gay History (Various repositories)
Wearing Gay History is "home to the digitized t-shirt collections of numerous lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender archives across the United States ... This project uncovers LGBT history outside the urban queer capitals of San Francisco and New York and in particular highlights the rich queer histories of the American Midwest and South."
Regions: North America
Dates: 1960-present

"A Shaky Truce": Starkville Civil Rights Struggles, 1960-1980 (Mississippi State University)
“This digital oral and public history project is an ongoing cooperative effort between faculty and students at Mississippi State University History Department and Libraries. The site narrates the unique history of Starkville, Mississippi’s civil rights struggles with particular emphasis on the local fight for school desegregation ... Through the use of digitized archival documents and oral history interviews, ‘A Shaky Truce’ highlights Starkville’s story and the voices of its participants in order to position this town and its people as critical reflections of this national movement.”
Regions: United States; Mississippi
Dates: 1960-1980

Domestic Diversity and Other Subversive Activities: Liberator Magazines (Lowell P. Beveridge, Jr.)
This primary source collection contains digitized copies of Liberator magazine, offering issues from March 1961 to October 1965, when Lowell P. Beveridge Jr. was the magazine’s editor. Visitors can browse individual issues, download the full collection, or browse an index of individual article titles and authors.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1961-1965

Oral History Digital Collection (Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage at the University of Southern Mississippi)
Approximately 750 interview transcripts currently focused on the civil rights movement in Mississippi.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1967-2012

The Health Policy Advisory Center (HEALTH/PAC)
Full-text searchable digitized files of the Health/PAC Bulletin.
Regions: United States
Dates: 1968-1994

Cornell Hip Hop Collection (Cornell University)
“The mission of the Cornell Hip Hop Collection (CHHC) is to collect and make accessible the historical artifacts of Hip Hop culture and to ensure their preservation for future generations . . . the CHHC preserves more than 250,000 items across dozens of archives documenting the origins of Hip Hop culture and its spread around the globe. The collections include thousands of sound and video recordings, hundreds of party and event flyers, artwork, photographs, books, magazines, and advertising, along with the archives of Hip Hop’s photographers, filmmakers, dancers, MC’s, DJ’s, artists, journalists, producers and publicists, and independent labels, managers and agencies.”
Regions: United States
Dates: 1968-1990

Washington Prison History Project (University of Washington Libraries)
“The Washington Prison History Project archive aims to provide researchers, policy-makers, students, and others with artifacts and documentation of the history and ongoing reality of mass incarceration in Washington state and the broader Northwest. It provides evidence of the robust civil society that exists within the state’s prisons and detention centers, as well as the complex linkages between prisoner organizing and the diverse communities that incarcerated people come from, return to, or are otherwise connected with. The archive gathers documents of and testimonials by incarcerated people about issues ranging from criminal justice and the urban condition to popular culture and the natural world.”
Regions: United States; Washington
Dates: 1975-2018