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American Historical Review Digital Primary Sources

A list from the American Historical Review of open access databases containing digitized primary sources for historical research.


Since 2016, each issue of the American Historical Review has included a short list of websites that contain freely available digital primary sources. This website reproduces that list (with minor edits), including the site's geographic category as it appeared in the AHR and brief blurb associated with each site.

Please note:

  1. The text of the blurb is authored by AHR editors. Anything within quotation marks comes from the hosts/publishers of the linked website.
  2. Within each geographic area, the list is organized chronologically according to the earliest materials in the collection. Often these dates are approximate. For stylistic reasons, "C.E." has been left off most dates. Any B.C.E. date has been indicated as such; all other dates are C.E.
  3. Since February 2019, AHR issues have included podcasts, interactive media, and other non-primary source content. Only the primary source websites are listed below.

For any corrections or to suggest a website for inclusion in a future AHR list, please contact me.