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ENG R398 Culture Identity and Rhetoric of Place

OneSearch@IU: A Great Starting Place

OneSearch@IU searches most of Libraries' databases. It is a great place to start your research.

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Limit Your Results

Finding Architecture and Design Articles

Search Tips


Choosing appropriate search terms is an important first step in the research process. Take a few moments to brainstorm a list of keywords that describe your topic. Think of similar words that express the same concepts, broader and narrower terms, and important contextual information. 

If you were interested in a building or structure your list of keywords might include:

  • name of structure
  • architect or cultural group responsible for production
  • type of building
  • location
  • era or time period of construction
  • style
  • type of construction

In addition to generating a list of keywords, take time to think about how those keywords are related. In general, knowing broader terms will help you find books, while narrower terms will be more useful for finding articles.

Search Strategies (Boolean Operators)

Words such as AND, OR, and NOT may be used to combine search terms to broaden or narrow a search.

AND will narrow your search; for example, Greek AND Roman AND architecture (must find all terms)

OR will broaden your search; for example, "post and lintel" OR trabeated (must find one of the terms)

NOT will exclude specific items, thereby narrowing your search slightly. For example, Windows NOT Microsoft (must find first term and not second term)


Other Search Tips:

Phrases: “Taj Mahal” (must find phrase in that order)

Synonyms/Similar Terms: drawing OR design OR drafting

Wildcards: Architect* will find architect, architects, architecture, etc.

Interlibrary loans allow you to borrow material from non IU Libraries.

*First time users will be asked delivery information for their materials*

How to Request:

  • You will need your IU username and password to request material
  • Visit the Submit a request page OR search Worldcat.
    • To use the Submit a request page, have the book information (title, author, etc) ready.
    • In Worldcat the "Request materials from ILL" link will fill in the book information for you.

  • Photocopies of journal articles can also be requested through the Submit a request page.

You will receive an email from Interlibrary loan when your materials are ready for pickup.