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International Open Access Week Symposium

October 28, 2022

OA Week 2022

The Scholarly Communications Department welcomes you to join us in-person or virtually on Friday, October 28 for a full-day Open Access symposium and reception hosted at Wells Library. We will highlight IU authors’ experiences with publishing open access, showcase various models of funding open access publications, and frankly discuss challenges and limitations. We will also take the opportunity to discuss the implications of the recent “Nelson Memo,” which has wide-reaching implications for all research and publications supported by federal grant agencies. *Lunch provided for in-person attendees*


Thank you all for attending and participating. Recordings can be found here.

Land Acknowledgment

Indiana University and the city of Bloomington occupy lands of enduring historical and cultural significance, and that for some was, is, and will always be home, to a number of Indigenous groups, including the Myaamiaki (Miami)Lënape (Delaware)Saawanwa (Shawnee), and Neshnabé/Bodwéwadmik (Potawatomi) peoples. We honor and acknowledge the ancestral and contemporary caretakers of this place, as well as our nonhuman spirits, elders, and guides, offer gratitude for being held and nourished by the land, and recognize the inherent sovereignty and resilience of all Native communities who have survived and still thrive to this day on Turtle Island in spite of the systemic subjugation, dispossession, and genocide that constitute the ongoing reality of settler-colonialism.

We encourage all, settlers and guests alike, to look beyond acknowledgement and engage with local Indigenous communities while also cultivating thoughtful relations of reciprocity with the sacred land you live on, as well as the many vibrant beings with whom you share it.