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BUS C272 Business Culture in Greece

Useful Resources

The good news is that there's lots of information on attracting and retaining young talent. Be aware, though, that this research is published in a wide variety of publications and uses a range of terminology, so you'll need to search in multiple places, using multiple searches in order to find the best information.

Also keep in mind the best articles may not show up on the first page of search results- be sure to look several pages in so you don't overlook useful articles. Take advantage of database filters to help focus your search; using the date range filter, for example, makes sure you are only looking at recent information.

Here is some language to try; pick one phrase from the first column and one phrase from the second column and put them into the search box with AND between them.

Pick one phrase from this column ... and one phrase from this column
(work or job or employ*) and (preference or attitude or expect*) ("gen z" or "generation z")
retention "young workers"
"work values" ("gen y" or "generation y")
"job involvement"



(work or job or employ*) and (preference or attitude or expect*) and ("gen y" or "generation y")

"job involvement" and "young workers"

retention and ("gen z" or "generation z")


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