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International Travel

There's a lot to think about before you travel abroad! Fortunately, the IU Libraries can help as you prepare for your trip and keep you connected and productive while you're away.



Search IUCAT:

The IU Libraries offer a number of travel guides. Search Your Country Guidebooks, or Your Country travel. For example:
        China guidebooks
        China travel

You can also find books on language that can help you refresh your high school Spanish or teach you important phrases and social niceties like please and thank you, that go a long way toward facilitating friendly, effective interactions while you are abroad. Try searches like:
        Spanish language textbook
        German language textbook


We have some great media to help you learn more about the countries you'll be visiting and the languages you'll encounter.

We have Rosetta Stone programs available for several languages. See this list from the library catalog.


Check out the 24 Hours series for streaming video featuring profiles of various cities around the world.