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Scholars' Commons Productivity Tools

A companion guide for the Scholars' Commons workshop on productivity.

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Alyssa Denneler
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Tool

There are many, many productivity tools available. How do you choose?

1. Consider your goals. What is your definition of "productive"? Define what this looks like for you as a mentally healthy person. Try not to worry about what others' definitions include.

2. Is the software something you really need? Yes, it's lovely to have a to-do list that talks to you, but is that really the most important factor?

3. Is the software really going to solve a problem that you're having or is it just nifty? (obviously, this is a different way of asking Question #2)

4. Use something others in your peer or research group are using. It is much easier to get help and share data.

5. Is it simple to set up and maintain? If not, you will likely abandon it.




Disclaimer: Just because a piece of software is listed on these pages does NOT mean it is recommended or endorsed by IUB Libraries. These listings are only provided as examples of the types of productivity software available.

Additional tips

1. Always, always create a back-up on a regular basis of your important files.This is a painful (but effective!) lesson to learn the hard way.

2. Get an ORCID ID here: This is especially important if you share a common name with other researchers. It will help distinguish your scholarship.