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Psychological & Brain Sciences for Graduate Students

This guide is created to support graduate and PhD students studying psychological and brain sciences.

About this Guide

This guide provides information and resources pertaining to the various areas of psychological sciences, which include but certainly are not limited to: clinical neuroscience, clinical science, cognitive development, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, mechanisms of behavior, molecular & systems neuroscience, sensation & perception, social neuroscience, and social psychology. Additionally, this guide shares resources to support teaching and learning for graduate and PhD students.

Meet Your Librarian

What I can help with:

IU Libraries and your subject librarian can provide a number of services to support your research and learning. These services include but certainly are not limited to the following:


How to reach me:

  • Zoom: Schedule an appointment using the button located underneath my picture or feel free to email me directly
  • Email:
  • Phone (812) 855-8136
  • Offices: Health Sciences Building (C1030), Sciences Library (C002) and Psychology Building (220A)