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Open Access

Indiana University's Guide to Open Access


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More OA Policy Information

An educational site dedicated to studies and information on Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education

A thorough database of Open Access business models, copyright regulations, and training in OA policies

An organization dedicated to mandates of ethical publishing and predatory investigation

A comprehensive source of factual lists about Open Access scholarship maintained by the OA community at large

logo for the Directory of Open Access Journalslogo for the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Associationlogo for Pub Med


OA Journal and Publisher Databases

A free index of peer reviewed Open Access journals that applies thorough standards of quality control

A list of Open Access publishers that have passed rigorous ethical guidelines

Database with articles on science, technology, engineering, and medicine

Database consisting of articles related to life sciences and biomedical topic and maintained by the United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health

Association of Open Access STEM publishers 

World's largest collection of peer-reviewed, African-published scholarly open access journals

For journals published in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Central America and Mongolia

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Searching for OA Articles

Allows users to search for OA articles and request access from authors

Allows users to search for OA articles using multiple online databases

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