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M401 History and Literature of Music I

This guide will assist M401 students with locating resources for their research assignment in History and Literature of Music I.

Argument Sources

  • Argument sources advance a point of view using a combination of evidence and responses to other scholars' argument publications.
  • These are mostly journal articles and dissertations, but also include book chapters and essays
  • Summarizing and responding to argument sources is what will make your research paper interesting.

Find Argument Sources

Your main databases are below, but for more options, Visit the list of all databases for music research.

  • Some music scholars use non-traditional avenues to publish or present their scholarship and research. 
  • Examples include scholarly blogs, podcasts, digital exhibitions, and more
  • You may also use conference papers, presentations, and lectures for your research if they are scholarly and if they contain arguments that you want to use and/or respond to.
  • For help creating citations for these items, ask Misti, your librarian!