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FOLK F101 Introduction to Folklore

Dr. Robert Dobler, Spring 2015

Welcome to the Introduction to Folklore LibGuide!

Folklore is alive and inspires the choices we make every day: how we communicate, what foods we eat, what games we play, what stories we tell, how we interpret the world around us. Folklore reflects our values, our prejudices, our fears, and our desires. The practices, beliefs, and objects that constitute folklore are so intrinsic to our daily lives that they are often overlooked in other disciplines that study human culture, but every culture has folklore and we are all part of the folk. In this course we will consider the role folklore plays in the lives of people around the world.

Participants in the Bernese Carnival 2010, dressed as butterflies. "Berner Fasnacht 2010 010" by Sandstein - Own work, CC Wikimedia Commons

Folklore Resources at Indiana University