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Inclusive Design

This guide provides information on disability studies, with an emphasized focus on design.


An unexpected spinal cord injury propelled Rosemarie Rossetti toward resilience and advocacy for people with disabilities. Navigating a "new normal" from her wheel chair revealed a living space that suddenly no longer accommodated her daily needs for mobility and independence. 

Stephen Cluskey is an award-winning entrepreneur, disability advocate and public speaker. Having suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury at the age of just 18, which left Stephen paralyzed from the neck down, he has since gone on to achieve in a short time, more than most would in a lifetime.

In her work at and Google, Kat Holmes is helping other designers to rethink inclusive design not as a remedy for “personal health conditions” but as solves for “mismatches” — moments where human interactions are hindered by an absence of appropriate design solutions. In this talk, she takes us through her journey to this approach, and how it can help us all recognize and combat everyday mismatches in the world.

Learn about a process any team can use to design more inclusively for people with accessibility needs and how Material Design guidelines, tools, and components can help.

Michael is a deaf and native American Sign Language speaker working as a creative designer for Amazon. Throughout his career, Michael's visual/conceptual way of thinking and problem solving have served him both as an asset and a challenge. He finds solutions around his disability through Universal Design.