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STEM disciplines are important and growing areas of learning. Being able to read, write, and understand information in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is crucial to academic success. Learning these skills will help you to not only become a working professional in your field, but develop and grow in all areas of study!

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ACM: Computer Science
arXiv: Physics
Browzine: includes a mobile app; this is a journal reading site that includes many of IU's high caliber licenses
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols
Dissertations and Theses
Foundation Directory Online
GeoScience World, includes GeoRef geology/earth sciences
Global Electronic Theses and Dissertations (open access)
IEEE: Engineering
JSTOR: Historical content, and more
Journal Citation Reports: Impact Factors
JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments
SciFinder-n: First-time users must register with their email address.
Springer Nature Experiments/Protocols
Web of Science

Science Librarians:
Emily Alford: public health: applied health sciences, health & wellness design, & government information,

Thea Atwood: human biology, and public health: epidemiology & biostatistics, kinesiology, and environmental & occupational health,
Amy Minix: cognitive sciences, neurosciences, nursing, optometry, psychology, speech and hearing sciences,
Bob Noel: astronomical, computer, engineering, informatics, library, mathematical, physical, statistical sciences,
Jennifer Simms: biological, chemical, and earth & atmospheric sciences,