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The Siege of Leningrad (1941-1944)



900 dnei / 900 Dagen (2011)

Blokada (2003, by Daniil Granin)

Blokada (2005, by Sergei Loznitsa)

Blokadnaia krov' (2017)

Chitaem Blokadnuiu knigu (2009)

Deti blokady (2007)

Golosa (2014)

Leningrad and the Orchestra that Defied Hitler (2016, BBC)

The Siege of Leningrad (2014, by Michael Kloft)

War on the eastern front : siege of Leningrad (2010, by John Urling Clark)


Feature Films

Interview with Aleksei Pavlovskii (European University) "How Soviet films depicted the siege of Leningrad, what scenes were cut and how the view of the tragedy changed over the years" (in Russian).


Recently Released:

Ladoga (miniseries, 2014)

Leningrad (Attack on Leningrad) (Russian-British miniseries, 2007)

Leningrad (2014)

Liniia Marty (miniseries, 2014)

Krik tishiny (2019)

Korridor bessmertiia (2019)

Prazdnik (2019)

Spasti Leningrad (2019)

Tri dnia do vesny (2017)



Baltiiskoe nebo (1960)

Blokada (1978)

Dnevnye zvezdy (1968)

Leningradskaia simfoniia (1957)

Zhila-byla devochka (1944)

Zimnee utro (1967)