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HIST J300 Siberia Russia's Wild East

Let's explore and learn about the history, culture, and politics of Siberia.

Introductory Gallery





Nikolai Iadrintsev (1842--1894)

Lake Baikal

Trans-Siberian Railway

Dersu Uzala

Civil War


Modern development




Istoricheskaia entsiklopediia Sibiri

Call number range

How to Find Sources

How to Evaluate Sources

Authority: Does the author have subject expertise or special experience pertinent to the subject?

Accuracy: Is the information accurate?

Objectivity: Is the information free of explicit or implicit biases or prejudices?

Quality of writing: is the narrative clear and easy to follow? 

Audience: Who is the intended audience? 

       Also consider:

Institutional affiliation: (for websites) Created or maintained by scholarly societies, research institutes, or governmental organizations?

Currency: (for websites) Updated or revised in a timely manner?

Organization: (for websites) Easy to navigate?

Useful Resources

Siberian Collaborative Research Network: An international Siberian studies platform for scholarly collaboration, communication, and reach out.

Meeting of Frontiers: A US-Russian joint digital project related to their two frontiers, the West and Siberia.

The Foundation for Siberian Cultures: A website created by a group of German, Russian, and anglophone anthropologists studying various regions and peoples of Siberia.

Siberia and the Soviet Far East (1991): An annotated bibliography pertaining to Siberia.