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A Guide for Music Citation - Chicago/Turabian Style

This guide supports music students by providing examples and tips for Chicago/Turabian style citation. It covers all types of music sources, including texts, scores, and recordings.

Citing Unusual Items

  • Move from specific to general information about your source
  • To the best of your ability, try to include the following items of information in the order they are presented below
  • In either footnote or bibliographic form, if an item of information is missing, simply go on to the next item as it should appear
  • Use the tabs on the left side of this guide to model your citation after the type of source that is most similar to yours

Order of Items to Include in a Citation:

  1. Name of person primarily responsible for the content (author, composer, performer, editor, institution, etc.)
  2. Title of smaller work (if applicable)
  3. Title of larger work (if applicable)
  4. Editor, compiler, or translator (if applicable)
  5. Edition, if not the first
  6. Series title if applicable, and volume number within series if series is numbered
  7. Facts of publication: city, publisher, and date
  8. Indication of medium (if audiovisual item)
  9. Page number or numbers (if applicable)
  10. Date accessed (if online)
  11. URL or DOI (if online)