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A Guide for Music Citation - Chicago/Turabian Style

This guide supports music students by providing examples and tips for Chicago/Turabian style citation. It covers all types of music sources, including texts, scores, and recordings.

Place of Publication

If the names of two or more cities are listed, cite only the first.

If the city of publication is not well known, or might be confused with another city of the same name, include an abbreviation of the state, province, or country.

  • Ithaca, NY: Penguin Books
  • Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press

If the name of the publisher includes the name of a state, there is no need to add the state to the name of the city.

  • Bloomington: Indiana University Press

For foreign cities of publication, use the English name if there is one.

  • Vienna: Christian Brandstatter [NOT Wien]
  • Milan: Ricordi [NOT Milano]

If there is no place of publication listed, write n.p.


1. Edwin Fischer, Musikalische Betrachtungen (n.p.: Insel-Verlag, 1949), 33.


Fischer, Edwin. Musikalische Betrachtungen. N.p.: Insel-Verlag, 1949.

If you can guess a probable place, put it in brackets with a question mark.

  • [Munich?]: Albrecht Knaus

Publisher's Name

Give the publisher's name as it appears on the title page, even if it is printed differently in some of your other sources.

  • San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
  • San Diego: Harcourt Brace and World

You may omit an initial The and abbreviations such as Inc., & Co., and Ltd.

Do not translate a foreign publisher's name

  • Geneva: Editions Papillon [NOT Butterfly Editions]