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A Guide for Music Citation - Chicago/Turabian Style

This guide supports music students by providing examples and tips for Chicago/Turabian style citation. It covers all types of music sources, including texts, scores, and recordings.




1. Richard Taruskin, “Who Was Shostakovich?” Atlantic Monthly, February 1995, 63.


Taruskin, Richard. “Who Was Shostakovich?” Atlantic Monthly, February 1995, 63–72.

  • Note that the volume and issue numbers are omitted. If you choose, the page numbers may also be omitted in your bibliography.




1. Steve Knopper, "Why Fewer People Want Their MTV," Rolling Stone, April 9, 2015, accessed July 20, 2016, Academic Search Premier.


Knopper, Steve. "Why Fewer People Want Their MTV." Rolling Stone, April 9, 2015. Accessed July 20, 2016. Academic Search Premier.

  • This article was discovered through a database (Academic Search Premier). If your article is from a website (e.g. provide the complete URL.



1. Richard Taruskin, “Wagner’s Antichrist Crashes a Pagan Party,” New York Times, June 6, 1999, Sunday, Late Edition—Final.


Taruskin, Richard. “Wagner’s Antichrist Crashes a Pagan Party.” New York Times, June 6, 1999, Sunday, Late Edition—Final.

  • Page numbers are omitted, although the edition is helpful to mention.
  • Newspaper articles only need to be included in a bibliography if critical to your argument or if frequently cited. (But they must be cited in footnotes.)
  • To cite an online article, replace the edition information with an access date and URL or database name (like the magazine example above).