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SLAV S320 Russian Jewish Writers

This is a course guide for SLAV S-320 (Russian Jewish Writers).

Use Reference Resources

The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Jewish Cultures. Laurence Roth and Nadia Valman (Editors), 2015. 400 p.

Historical Dictionary of Russian Literature. Jonathan Stone, 2013. 275 p.

The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe. Gershon David Hundert (Editor), 2008. 2 vols.

Russian Prose Writers after World War II. Christine Rydel, 2005. 532 p.

Twentieth-century Russian Emigré Writers. Maria Rubins, 2005. 451 p.

Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century. Sorrel Kerbel (Editor), 2003. 695 p.

Russian Writers of the Silver Age, 1890-1925. Judith E. Kalb, J. Alexander Ogden, and I.G. Vishnevetsky (Editors), 2004. 524 p.

Dictionary of Russian Women Writers. Marina Ledkovsky, Charlotte Rosenthal, and Mary Zirin (Editors), 1994. 869 p.

Handbook of Russian Literature. Victor Terras (Editor), 1985. 558 p.

Russian Writers : A Bio-bibliographical Dictionary. Valentine Snow, 1946- . 2 vols.

Get familiar with online catalogs

Think in terms of Keywords or Subject Headings

• Use the following subject headings when searching in IUCAT:

    "Jewish authors"
    "Jews in literature"
    "Russian literature"
    Or, the names of individual authors

• Use the LC transliteration system: when searching a Russian Jewish author's name in IUCAT, it is important to transliterate it according to the transliteration system that IUCAT uses, that is, the Library of Congress transliteration system.

• Limit your search results, if necessary, by the language, the format, etc. For example, if you want to find only English-language titles, you can do so; if you want to find serials only, you can do so as well. And more.

Consult with Subject Librarians

Wookjin Cheun
Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies
Subjects coverage: Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe
Wells Library E560, 812-855-9413
Slavic and East European studies subject homepage:

Moira Marsh
Librarian for Comparative Literature
Wells Library E760, 812-855-1550
Comparative literature subject homepage:

Angela Courtney
Librarian for English and American Language and Literature
Wells Library E164
English and American Language and Literature subject homepage:

Pertinent Scholarly Journals

MELUS (Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States) (1974- )
Russian Literature (1971- )
Russian Studies in Literature (1992- )
Slavic Review (1961- )
Slavonic and East European Review (1928- )
Russian Review (1941- )

For more scholarly journal titles pertinent to Slavic and East European studies, refer to the "ABSEES Core Journals" list.

LC Call Numbers for Well-Known Russian Jewish Writers' Works

Aksenov, Vasilii PG3478 .K7
Aldanov, Mark PG3476 .A327
Babel', Isaak PG3476 .B2
Bagritskii, Eduard PG3476 .B23
Brodsky, Joseph PG3479.4 .R64 (Russian) PG3552 .R6229 (English)
Dovlatov, Sergei PG3479.6 .O85
Erenburg, Il'ia PG3476 .E5
Fet, Afanasii PG3361 .S4
Gershenzon, Mikhail PG2947 .G47
Grossman, Vasilii PG3476 .G7
Il'f, Il'ia PG3476 .I44
Kazakevich, Emmanuil PG3476 .K433
Khodasevich, Vladislav PG3476 .K488
Knut, Dovid PG3476 .K559
Kushner, Aleksandr PG3482.8 .U73
Lipkin, Semen PG3476 .L597
Lunts, Lev PG3476 .L9
Mandel'shtam, Osip PG3476 .M355
Marshak, Samuil PG3476 .M3725
Parnok, Sofiia PG3476 .P25915
Pasternak, Boris PG3476 .P27
Petrov, Evgenii see Il'f, Il'ia
Polonskaia, Elizaveta PG3476 .P617
Shklovskii, Viktor PG3476 .S488
Slutskii, Boris PG3476 .S5713
Trifonov, Iurii PG3489 .R5
Utkin, Iosif PG3476 .U8